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Transports, Communications and IT

Transports, Communications and IT are our growing practice areas upon which we have amassed considerable domestic and international experience. Solving our client’s issues in these areas may call for some creative legal thinking. To achieve recognition in the area of transports, communication and IT, our team has developed a highly effective approach in making use of its technical and innovative experience. Our legal services include preparing, negotiating, and handling legal proceedings involving transportation, communication and IT contracts. Also, our firm has qualified lawyers who are specialized in transport litigation and finance including “dry” litigation and arbitration for owners using a multidisciplinary approach.


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Farmers from Moldova are compensated for Business Losses

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Borrowers in Moldova Impacted By Coronavirus. Are you ready?

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Client Testimonials

Dmitri Onufreiciuc

Dmitri Onufreiciuc

"Collaboration with Popa and Associates gives us security, protection and maximum privacy we need for the quality and prosperity of the activity we carry out."
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Petru Chițanu

Petru Chițanu

"I found exactly what I needed when I started my business: professional people, reliable, with a vast experience in the field they profess, who can provide high quality legal assistance"
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