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Restructuring and Insolvency

Restructuring and Insolvency takes a great amount of expertise and experience. We advise a wide variety of stakeholders in complex financial restructuring and insolvency matters, both in the bankruptcy courts and in out-of-court restructuring, and are equally experienced advising companies, insolvency administrators, and creditors at all levels of the capital structure. We possess practical experience of technical and commercial issues that are facing stakeholders, drivers and motivations for their behavior in a restructuring or insolvency scenario.

Moreover, we represent corporate debtors, financial institutions, hedge funds, buyers and sellers of distressed assets, in different industries on all aspects of financial restructuring issues. We offer local and cross-border legal services on the financial restructuring and insolvency matters.


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Client Testimonials

Dmitri Onufreiciuc

Dmitri Onufreiciuc

"Collaboration with Popa and Associates gives us security, protection and maximum privacy we need for the quality and prosperity of the activity we carry out."
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Petru Chițanu

Petru Chițanu

"I found exactly what I needed when I started my business: professional people, reliable, with a vast experience in the field they profess, who can provide high quality legal assistance"
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