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Litigation & Arbitration

During the litigation process we represent clients by filing or answering complaints through the national court system. Our firm offers clients experience and outstanding service across multiple industries and practices. As having rich experience in representation in national courts, including Supreme Courts of Justice, Constitutional Courts and national arbitration, we also advise our clients in international commercial and investment arbitration as an alternative method of resolving disputes (including ICSID, ICC, UNCITRAL). We advise on international commercial arbitration to resolve disputes arising out of commercial transactions between private parties across national borders, which allows the parties to avoid costly and lengthy litigation in national courts.

In investment arbitration, we represent investors or host states when exercising rights or claiming obligations as provided for either by law, treaty or contract, in light of customary international law. Our firm addresses issues for protection of foreign investments such as protection from expropriation, fair and equitable treatment, national treatment, most-favored-nation treatment, freedom to transfer means and funds or full protection and security.

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Client Testimonials

Dmitri Onufreiciuc

Dmitri Onufreiciuc

"Collaboration with Popa and Associates gives us security, protection and maximum privacy we need for the quality and prosperity of the activity we carry out."
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Petru Chițanu

Petru Chițanu

"I found exactly what I needed when I started my business: professional people, reliable, with a vast experience in the field they profess, who can provide high quality legal assistance"
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