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POPA & Associates participated at the International Spring Conference in Barcelona

May 11, 2018 By

On 1-4 of May, the Senior Partner of POPA&Associates, Igor POPA and two of our Off Counsels, Grigore POPA and Sergiu AUZEAC, participated at the International Spring Conference in Barcelona, organized by TAG Alliances. The theme for this conference, “thinking outside the box”, embedded the idea that great leaders are skilled at coming up with innovative solutions and are not “constrained” by the way of thinking regular.
Igor Popa and his team won the prize of the beautiful Gaudi Geckos for best design in a building exercise and, as a result, TAG Foundation donated a cheque in the amount of 1000 EUR from the TAG Foundation to the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, in Barcelona to fight children’s cancer.

During the three days of conference, the TAG Alliances (TAGLaw, TIAG, TAG-SP) attendees and guest had the opportunity to hear from Hamish Taylor, an award winning CEO of the Channel tunnel railway Eurostar, and then CEO of Sainsbury’s Bank an inspirational presentation on the subject: “Service Excellence, Thinking Outside the Box and Putting the Customer at the Heart of all Activities within Your Organization”. The 4 main ideas of his keynote speech, which are mainly demonstrating the major breakthroughts in any organization or department, that can be achieved by looking outside the current environment are:

1. Change the way you understand customers.
2. Change your Job description.
3. Change where you look for ideas.
4. Change how you engage.

This was followed by plenary sessions on innovative and revolutional topics, such as: How Blockchain will transform your firm and the way you serve your clients, in terms of accounting systems and auditing, smart contracts, estate planning and personal finance, financial transactions, secure and trusted exchanges of information and documents, along with the session on the subject of Winning in Today’s Digital Marketplace, where the panelists explained, from their life and professional experiences in what ways should a firm think “outside the box” in order to create innovative programs to promote their firms and their international alliance.
The conference continued with 3 speacialty groups sessions on the following topics: Audit & Assurance, Best Practices & Firm Management, Employment Law, IP & IT and Life Sciences. The expertise and talent of the both speakers, co-chairs and members at the plenary and specialty group sessions was remarkable.

(Shown in photo: Richard Attisha, Melisa Attisha, Ana Escura, Enzo Colarossi, Ross Lane, Igor Popa, Liz Cuthbertson, Russell Brown OBE, Michiaki “Mickey” Nakano, Julia Kozlova)

During the final session, the TAG Alliances members were engaged in a collaborative team building exercise involving creation of a Gaudi structure made of Lego. The teams were challenged to build a business with Legos in 30 minutes. We are happy to aknowledge you that the team 1, with Igor Popa as the team-leader, built Sagrada Familia and won the prize of the beautiful Gaudi Geckos for best design, as determined by colleagues from Bufete Escura.

,,This kind of excericises are the best way to learn what is working in a team about and how to think out of the box! Also, We truly appreciate and admire the gesture of TAG Foundation to donate the Lego sets used to build Sagrada Familia and the check of €1000 to the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, to help children suffering with cancer in the local Barcelona community.’, said Igor POPA. The session was facilitated by Rebecca Goodman-Stephens of Berdon LLP in NYC together with panelists from across the globe.

Also, Off Counsel at Popa&Associates, Grigore POPA shared his impressions by saying that ,,It has been an amazing experience to attend the TAG Alliances conference in Barcelona 2018 and have the opportunity to make an exchange of legal opinions with top-notch lawyers of the world and we would like to thank the whole TAG team for creating such a great and inspirational event!”

Barcelona Conference was organized by TAG Alliances and hosted by Bufete Escura.POPA&Associates is the only law firm from Moldova, member of TAGLaw, worldwide alliance of independent law firms with more than 160 member firms based in over 90 countries.

(Shown in photo: Igor Popa, Richard Attisha)

(Shown in photo: Igor Popa, Grigore Popa)