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Adapting Compliance Policies Regarding The Sponsorship In The Medical Field

Mar 28, 2018 By

What is sponsorship in the medical field?

Sponsorship in the medical field is an instrument by which pharmaceutical companies promote their products through the involvement of physicians, as they are subjects of first contact with patients. In other words, physicians receive sponsorship in the form of money, gifts, lunches, etc., in order to prescribe the sponsor’s more expensive medicines or medical devices to patients.

Thus, over the last few years, Pharma companies switched from the direct advertising of medicines, to an indirect promotion, by providing sponsorship of medical conferences or other benefits. In fact, these conferences represent a good platform for medical education, networking between physicians and exchange of views, that is essential in the conduct of medical work, irrespective of the professional status.

Such programs are organized by pharmaceutical companies in the US and European countries in order to facilitate the cooperation between health professionals and, as a consequence, to achieve profit. However, this is a controversial topic for the Republic of Moldova, as there is no legal framework which would allow the sponsoring of the health professionals.

You will discover:

In order to understand the importance of this topic in the context of the events related to the sponsorship of medical professionals in the Republic of Moldova, we will approach the following issues:

1. Sponsorship and donations of medical professionals (Case Study);
2. The comparative analysis with Romanian legislation;
3. The legal framework in Republic of Moldova;
4. The risks to which a Moldovan doctor is subjected in this respect;
5. Possible solutions to protect (legally) healthcare professionals;
6. The services of a law firm in the field of medical sponsorship.

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